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2285 Crooked Oak Trail, Deland, FL 32720 Tel# 386 736-6454 E-mail
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Home of the BIG Ones! Quality Flemish Giants
Dedicated to promoting and enhancing this wonderful giant rabbit

Summers are a bore
We love our Flemish Giant rabbits. Due to our Florida heat we only breed when it cools down from September thru May. Other times of year available stock will be limited. Therefore E-mail or call ahead to see if any rabbits are available. We will be very happy to help out in any way we can. Thank you very much for visiting Regal Rabbitry

Special thanks to Cathy Caracciolo of
Sunny Oaks Rabbitry
for providing our herd Buck "EXCALIBER"




Some Youngsters

I hate camaras!


Are we done yet?
I want to get back to my nap


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